Clean-n-Fresh Body Spray for Women, Body Mist, Fragrance Mist Gift Sets, Pack of 3, Each 3.4 Fl Oz, Total 10.2 Fl Oz, Cherry Blossom

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Product Description

Take good care of your skin with Clean-n-Fresh. We are committed to giving you a satisfying product and a seamless shopping experience. Our body mist comes in three irresistible fragrances: Cherry Blossom – perfect for spring, Midnight Love – a seductive blend of berries, jasmine, and amber, and The Stars – a long-lasting addictive fragrance. Spray it on after your morning shower, while dressing, or before heading out. This cruelty-free body mist is smooth on the skin and helps keep you confident all day long. It makes an ideal gift for any occasion, ensuring the recipient feels joy and love. Remember to keep it out of reach of children and any source of heat or ignition.

Clean-n-Fresh Body Spray for Women, Body Mist, Fragrance Mist Gift Sets, Pack of 3, Each 3.4 Fl Oz, Total 10.2 Fl Oz, Cherry Blossom

Title: Clean-n-Fresh Cherry Blossom Body Spray Gift Set for Women

Intro: Treat yourself or a loved one to the luxurious scent of cherry blossom with the Clean-n-Fresh Body Spray Gift Set. This set includes three 3.4 oz bottles of body mist, perfect for layering and creating a long-lasting and refreshing fragrance. Whether you’re looking for a gift or a way to pamper yourself, this Clean-n-Fresh body spray set is sure to delight with its delightful and feminine cherry blossom scent.

Why Anyone Should Consider This Product?

– Long-lasting fragrance: The Clean-n-Fresh Body Spray for Women offers a delightful cherry blossom scent that lasts throughout the day.
– Value pack: This product comes in a set of 3, giving you a total of 10.2 fl oz of body spray, making it a great value for the price.
– Versatile use: The body mist can be used as a fragrance mist, body mist, or even as a refreshing spritz for linens and clothing.
– Ideal gift: This set makes a perfect gift for any woman who enjoys fresh, floral scents.
– Convenient packaging: The 3.4 fl oz bottles are easy to carry in a purse or travel bag, allowing you to stay fresh on the go.

Attention-Grabbing Features and Remarkable Benefits

– Refreshing and long-lasting cherry blossom fragrance
– Convenient pack of 3 body sprays, perfect for on-the-go use
– Each bottle contains 3.4 fl oz of body mist, totaling 10.2 fl oz
– Great value for money with the purchase of a gift set
– Leaves your skin feeling clean and fresh all day long
– Ideal for women who love floral and fruity scents
– Makes a perfect gift for friends and loved ones
– The light, feminine scent is suitable for all occasions
– Easy to apply with a simple spray pump
– Enhances your overall appeal and confidence with a delightful fragrance

Product Quality

– The Clean-n-Fresh Body Spray for Women is a high-quality body mist that provides a refreshing and long-lasting fragrance.
– The body mist comes in a set of three, each with a volume of 3.4 Fl Oz, providing a total of 10.2 Fl Oz of product.
– The cherry blossom scent is delicate and feminine, leaving a pleasant and subtle aroma on the skin.
– Each bottle is designed with a convenient spray nozzle, making it easy to apply the mist evenly over the body.
– The fragrance mist gift set is perfect for women who enjoy layering their scents, as the light and airy mist can be sprayed on the skin before applying a matching perfume.
– The packaging of the product is attractive and durable, making it a great gift option for friends and family.
– The body mist is made with high-quality ingredients that are safe for use on the skin, providing a gentle and non-irritating experience.
– The product undergoes strict quality control measures to ensure that each bottle meets the highest standards of excellence.
– The Clean-n-Fresh Body Spray for Women has received positive reviews from customers, attesting to its superior quality, delightful fragrance, and long-lasting effect.
– Overall, this body mist gift set is a great choice for women who appreciate top-quality fragrance products that deliver a fresh and invigorating experience.

Various Uses

I. Personal Use
– Everyday scent for work or leisure
– Quick freshen-up after the gym or on-the-go
– Light fragrance for casual outings or date nights

II. Gift Giving
– Birthday present for friends or family
– Stocking stuffer during the holidays
– Bridesmaid or bridal shower gift

III. Travel Companion
– Convenient size for carry-on luggage
– Refreshing scent during long flights or road trips
– Compact enough for a weekend getaway

IV. Variety of Scents
– Cherry blossom for a sweet, floral aroma
– Mix and match with other scents for a customized blend
– Layer with matching lotion for a longer-lasting fragrance

Product Specifications

– Product: Clean-n-Fresh Body Spray for Women
– Type: Body Mist, Fragrance Mist Gift Sets
– Pack of 3
– Each bottle is 3.4 Fl Oz
– Total package contains 10.2 Fl Oz
– Scent: Cherry Blossom
– Designed for women
– Long-lasting fragrance
– Ideal for daily wear or special occasions
– Convenient size for on-the-go use
– Makes a great gift for any occasion

Who Need This?

Are you tired of carrying around a heavy bottle of perfume in your purse? Do you struggle to find a fragrance that lasts all day without being overpowering? Look no further than the Clean-n-Fresh Body Spray for Women. This pack of 3 body mist gift sets is perfect for any woman on the go.

Each 3.4 fl oz bottle is the perfect size for throwing in your bag or keeping in your desk at work. The convenient size means you can freshen up anytime, anywhere. And with three bottles in each pack, you’ll always have a backup on hand.

The Cherry Blossom fragrance is light and refreshing, perfect for everyday wear. It’s a delicate floral scent that is sure to turn heads. Plus, the fragrance mist is long-lasting, so you can spritz it on in the morning and still smell great at the end of the day.

This gift set is also a great option for gifting to a friend or loved one. The beautiful packaging makes it a thoughtful and practical present for any occasion.

With a total of 10.2 fl oz of body spray, this pack of 3 Clean-n-Fresh body mists is a great value. Say goodbye to heavy, expensive perfumes and hello to a light, refreshing fragrance that will keep you feeling clean and fresh all day long. Try it out for yourself and see the difference!

Pros and Cons

– Comes in a pack of 3, providing a variety of scents
– Each bottle contains 3.4 Fl Oz, providing a good amount of product
– Cherry Blossom scent is popular and appealing
– Can be used as a body spray or a fragrance mist
– Comes in a set, making it a good gift option for women

– Some people may not like the cherry blossom scent
– The size of the bottles may be too large for travel or on-the-go use
– Not suitable for those with allergies or sensitivities to fragrance

Overall Value and Final Thoughts

Overall Value:
The Clean-n-Fresh Body Spray for Women, Body Mist, Fragrance Mist Gift Sets offer great value with a pack of 3 bottles, each 3.4 fl oz, totaling 10.2 fl oz. This is a generous amount of product for the price, giving you plenty of fragrance to last a long time.

Final Thoughts:
The Cherry Blossom scent is light, fresh, and feminine, making it a great option for everyday use. The packaging is also sleek and convenient, making it easy to take the body mist on the go. Overall, this set offers good value and a delightful scent, making it a worthwhile purchase for anyone looking for a new body fragrance.

Customer Reviews and FAQ’s

Customer Reviews:

1. “I love the Clean-n-Fresh body spray! The cherry blossom scent is so refreshing and lasts all day. I will definitely be purchasing more in the future.”
2. “This body mist gift set is perfect for any woman who loves a light, floral scent. The packaging is also super cute and makes for a great gift.”
3. “I’ve been using this fragrance mist for a few weeks now and I can’t get enough of it. It’s the perfect blend of sweet and fresh, and it’s not overwhelming at all.”
4. “I love that this set comes with three different bottles. I keep one in my purse, one in my car, and one at home. I never have to worry about running out!”
5. “The cherry blossom scent is so feminine and delicate. I get compliments every time I wear it. Highly recommend!”


1. Q: How long does the scent of the Clean-n-Fresh body spray last?
A: The scent typically lasts for several hours, and can be re-applied as needed.
2. Q: Is the fragrance mist suitable for sensitive skin?
A: The fragrance mist is dermatologist-tested and should be suitable for most skin types, but it’s always a good idea to do a patch test first.
3. Q: Can the body mist be used as a room spray?
A: While it’s designed for use on the body, some customers have used it as a room spray with excellent results.
4. Q: Is the packaging recyclable?
A: Yes, the packaging for the body mist gift sets is recyclable.
5. Q: Can the body mist be layered with other scents?
A: Yes, the body mist can be layered with other scents to create a unique fragrance combination.

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