Glade Air Freshener Room Spray, Tranquil Lavender & Aloe, 8.3 oz, 6 Count

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Product Description

Introducing the new and improved Tranquil Lavender & Aloe Glade Air Freshener Spray, with a fragrance expertly formulated by master perfumers. This refreshing spray now contains 2x more fragrance than the previous 7.6 oz spray, making it easier than ever to enjoy waves of freshness. The can has also received a stylish fashion makeover, and the push button provides improved comfort and control.

Experience waves of fresh energy with this Glade air freshener, which utilizes 100% natural propellant and is free from phthalates, parabens, formaldehyde, nitro musks, and dyes. Surround yourself with the soothing aroma of essential oils in this room air freshener.

Spritz any room with this Glade aerosol spray to add a unique and refreshing touch to your home. Enjoy the convenience of freshening up your living space with just a simple spritz.

Glade Air Freshener Room Spray, Tranquil Lavender & Aloe, 8.3 oz, 6 Count

Title: “Create a Relaxing Atmosphere with Glade Air Freshener Room Spray, Tranquil Lavender & Aloe, 8.3 oz, 6 Count”

Introducing the Glade Air Freshener Room Spray in Tranquil Lavender & Aloe, a delightful way to bring a sense of calm and freshness to any room in your home. With its soothing lavender and aloe scent that is carefully crafted to provide a tranquil atmosphere, this 8.3 oz, 6 count room spray is the perfect companion for creating a relaxing environment. Simply spray it in any space to instantly uplift your mood and elevate the ambience with its refreshing fragrance.

Why Anyone Should Consider This Product?

– Long-lasting freshness: The Glade Air Freshener Room Spray in Tranquil Lavender & Aloe offers a lasting fragrance that eliminates odors and leaves your space smelling clean and fresh.
– Convenient and easy to use: With just a simple press of the nozzle, you can instantly refresh any room in your home with the soothing scent of lavender and aloe.
– Great value: This pack includes six 8.3 oz cans, providing you with plenty of air freshener to use throughout your home.
– Versatile: Use the Glade Air Freshener Room Spray in any room of your home, including the bathroom, kitchen, living room, and bedroom, to keep it smelling great.
– Relaxing scent: The tranquil lavender and aloe fragrance creates a calming and inviting atmosphere, perfect for unwinding after a long day.

Attention-Grabbing Features and Remarkable Benefits

– Tranquil Lavender & Aloe scent creates a calming and relaxing atmosphere in any room
– Long-lasting freshness that eliminates odors and leaves a refreshing scent behind
– Easy-to-use aerosol spray bottle for quick and effective odor control
– Convenient 6-pack for stocking up on your favorite fragrance
– Enhances any space with a light and airy lavender and aloe aroma
– Non-greasy and non-sticky formula for a clean and pleasant user experience
– Versatile use in living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, and more for all-around freshness

Product Quality

– The Glade Air Freshener Room Spray in Tranquil Lavender & Aloe is available in a pack of 6, with each bottle containing 8.3 oz of product, ensuring you have plenty of air freshener to last for an extended period.

– The tranquil lavender and aloe scent is a refreshing and soothing fragrance that helps to eliminate odors and create a relaxing atmosphere in any room.

– This air freshener spray is designed to instantly freshen the air and neutralize odors, making it perfect for use in the bathroom, kitchen, living room, bedroom, or any other room in your home.

– The convenient aerosol spray design allows for quick and easy application, ensuring that you can freshen up any space in a matter of seconds.

– The high-quality formula is long-lasting, so you can enjoy the refreshing scent for an extended period without needing to constantly reapply the air freshener.

– The 6 count value pack offers great value for money, allowing you to stock up on your favorite air freshener and save money compared to purchasing individual bottles.

– The sleek and modern packaging is not only aesthetically pleasing but also durable, ensuring that the product arrives in perfect condition and is easy to store and use.

– Glade is a trusted and well-known brand, so you can have confidence in the quality and effectiveness of this air freshener room spray.

Various Uses

I. Fragrance
– Tranquil Lavender
– Aloe

II. Room Freshening
– Masks odors
– Leaves a fresh scent behind

III. Multipack Convenience
– Comes in a pack of 6
– Easy to keep multiple rooms fresh

IV. Large Size
– 8.3 oz per bottle
– Long-lasting freshness

V. Versatile Usage
– Can be used in bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, and more
– Suitable for use in homes and offices

Product Specifications

– Product: Glade Air Freshener Room Spray
– Scent: Tranquil Lavender & Aloe
– Size: 8.3 oz
– Quantity: 6 Count
– Long-lasting fragrance
– Instantly freshens and enhances the atmosphere in the room
– Convenient and easy-to-use spray bottle
– Suitable for use in any room in the house
– Helps eliminate odors and leaves a pleasant scent
– Made with high-quality ingredients
– Provides a calming and relaxing aroma of lavender and aloe

Who Need This?

Are you looking for a simple and effective way to keep your home smelling fresh and inviting? Look no further than Glade Air Freshener Room Spray in Tranquil Lavender & Aloe! This 8.3 oz can of room spray comes in a convenient 6-pack, ensuring that you always have a supply on hand to keep every room in your home smelling wonderful.

The Tranquil Lavender & Aloe fragrance is the perfect combination of calming lavender and refreshing aloe, creating a soothing and relaxing atmosphere in your home. Whether you want to eliminate odors from cooking, pets, or just day-to-day living, this room spray is up to the task. With just a quick spritz, you can transform any space into a tranquil oasis.

The convenient size of the can makes it easy to store in closets, cabinets, or anywhere else you may need it. And with six cans in a pack, you can keep one in every room of your home for easy access whenever you need it.

Not only does this room spray eliminate odors, but it also leaves behind a delightful fragrance that will have your guests wondering how you keep your home smelling so good. So if you’re in need of a simple and effective solution for keeping your home smelling fresh and inviting, look no further than Glade Air Freshener Room Spray in Tranquil Lavender & Aloe.

Pros and Cons

– Pleasant lavender and aloe scent
– Convenient spray bottle for easy use
– Helps eliminate odors in the room
– Comes in a pack of six for long-lasting freshness
– Affordable price for multiple bottles
– Can be used in various rooms in the house

– Some people may find the scent too overpowering
– Contains chemicals that may not be suitable for those with sensitivities
– May not completely eliminate strong odors
– Can leave a residue on surfaces if sprayed too close

Overall Value and Final Thoughts

Overall Value: The Glade Air Freshener Room Spray in Tranquil Lavender & Aloe is a good value for those looking to freshen up their living spaces with a pleasant and relaxing scent. The 6-count pack offers good value for the price.

Final Thoughts: This room spray is a great way to add a fresh and calming scent to any room. The lavender and aloe combination is pleasant and not too overpowering. The convenient size and the 6-count pack make it a good value for the price. It’s a great option for keeping your home smelling fresh and inviting.

Customer Reviews and FAQ’s

Customer Reviews:

1. “Love the calming scent of lavender and aloe in this room spray. It instantly freshens up any space!”
2. “I use this spray in my bathroom and it keeps it smelling great all day long.”
3. The size of the bottle is perfect and the scent lasts a long time.
4. “Great value for a pack of six, I always have one on hand for any room in the house.”
5. “I suffer from allergies and this spray doesn’t irritate me at all. Love it!”


1. Q: How long does the scent last?
A: The scent can last for hours, depending on the size of the room and the amount of spray used.

2. Q: Can I use this in my car?
A: Yes, this room spray can be used in a car to freshen up the interior.

3. Q: Is the lavender scent overpowering?
A: No, the lavender and aloe scent is a soothing and light fragrance that is not overwhelming.

4. Q: Is this spray safe to use around pets?
A: It is best to use caution and keep pets out of the room while using the spray, as with any air freshener product.

5. Q: Can I use this on fabric furniture?
A: It is recommended to test a small area first, but the spray can be used on fabric to freshen it up.

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